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The 2-3 hour workshop covers the four basic types of film scoring by screening both good and poor examples of film clips, for a comparison-contrast type of examination. This method provides a comprehensive overview that producers, directors and editors can truly benefit from, by seeing actual music scoring examples, back-to-back with commentary provided for each. Near the end of the workshop, a “spotting session” is conducted with the workshop participants themselves by screening a film clip with the music removed; then together, the participants take a detailed look at the clip for scoring purposes. It is the intention of the workshop, that participants will learn the basics of spotting a film for music, and learn how to identify the musical shifts and changes within a film scene to accommodate the on-screen subject matter.



Brent Michael Davids, Multi-Award Winning Composer




"Film Scoring for Film Makers"



"Film Scoring for Film Makers" is an intensive workshop designed especially for producers, directors and editors — rather than musicians. Instruction includes decoding the basic film music vocabulary and film composer jargon, and a detailed examination of the four basic types of film scoring: Scoring the Action, Scoring the Cuts, Underscoring the Mood, and Underscoring Against the Action. The instructor Brent Michael Davids (Stockbridge Mohican) is one of America's most celebrated multi-award winning American Indian composers, whose career spans 40 years with features on ABC, NBC, Hallmark, CBS, NPR, PBS and NAPT.

* Scoring the Action—Composing music that reflects the on-screen action.
* Scoring the Cuts—Composing music that shifts with the film’s edits.
* Underscoring the Mood—Composing the emotional subtext of a scene.
* Underscoring Against the Action—Composing contrary to the film action.

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