Celebrated Composer

Brent Michael Davids


Brent Michael Davids

A composer of symphonies, and works for chorus, dance, theater, and film scores, Brent Michael Davids is an experimenter at heart, walking in non-Mohican society as a professional composer of music yet carrying the heart of Indigenous song as he goes. A scholar and multi-award winner, Davids advocates for music literacy, and strongly believes music should have a community purpose.

“When we collaborate and experiment in song, we are discovering life benefits, not simply musical ones. Our interactions as composers, performers, audiences, students and teachers constitute important relational skills. If we can excite creativity and cooperation in each other, we have accomplished a magnificent thing”

— Brent Michael Davids

"a fresh, lilting score"

— New York Times

“a whippoorwill score”

— Chicago Tribune

"a haunting commissioned score"

— New York Times

“unmatched texture and resonance”

— Phoenix Tribune

“thought-provoking mystery, steeped in tradition”

— Tucson Citizen

"Brent Michael Davids writes gorgeously for the operatic voice — his instinct for setting the voice and allowing that most versatile of instruments to display its power is such a rare and happy one"

— Parterre Box

"Brent Michael Davids 'Un-Covered Wagon' is a whooping romp!"

— New York Times

"Brent Michael Davids combined the 'vocables' of traditional Indigenous song with classical form, which became a fascinating stylistic hybrid"

—  Star Tribune